About Barcelona

About Barcelona

Barcelona is the capital of Catalonia and, with its 1.6 million inhabitants, is the eleventh largest city in the European Union.

Its excellent location on the Mediterranean Sea, its mild climate, its beaches, its open-minded and cosmopolitan character and its excellent infrastructure have all made Barcelona a privileged place to live or to spend an enjoyable holiday.

Barcelona is a global city with a significant international presence, in terms of both tourism and business:

  • Barcelona is one of the leading tourist destinations in the world, with nearly 8 million visitors a year. Its port is the largest in the Mediterranean in terms of cruise ship traffic. The city's beaches, as well as those on the Costa del Maresme, to the north, or along the coast of Castelldefels, Gavà and Sitges, to the south, are famous for their beauty and quality.
  • Barcelona is a prestigious commercial and financial hub. The city hosts numerous business events, as well as top-flight international trade fairs such as the Mobile World Congress or the International Food and Drink Exhibition.
  • Barcelona is a top-tier cultural centre. The city fuses tradition with modernity. In Barcelona we can find monuments from its Roman and medieval past, Gothic civil architecture and the recovered ruins of the Born, as well as Modernist architecture, with the works of Gaudí as its greatest exponent, or paintings and sculptures by Picasso, Miró or Tàpies.
  • Not forgetting its cuisine, an art in which Barcelona remains at the forefront of the international culinary vanguard. And amongst the huge selection of high-quality eateries in the city, a total of 23 restaurants have been honoured with one (or two) Michelin stars.

All this makes the city of Barcelona, its Costas and its surroundings the ideal place to buy a house or an appartment, as a first or second home, or even as a high-return investment thanks to the possibilities offered by long-term rentals or the holiday rental market.

At BarcelonaHouse we will help you find the home that best suits your interests because we have a select portfolio of properties located in the best areas of the city, its Costas and its surroundings.

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